Immersive technology focused on the Future.

Magpie is a high-end international development studio that builds XR applications across desktop, mobile and experiential.


Cross-Platform XR development.

We offer end-to-end development services and products, including AR/VR software development, product design, UI/UX, 3D asset creation and library licensing services.

We adopt a cross-platform approach with our focus on consumer experience as a primary objective for technical excellence. Magpie products are easy to use, access and adopt.



Consumer-focused application delivery.

Our services are wide-ranging with a core that we work with innovative products that are right for the job. Discuss any XR service with us or application of one of our products for your business.

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Gaming Environments.

Our Unity and Unreal development teams build immersive environments with incredible interactions.

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3D Asset Creation.

Our 3D asset team create cross-usage assets for use in gaming, application and creative media.

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Application Builds.

XR and Web3 applications allow further synchronicity between technology and day-to-day life.

Library Licensing.

Discuss our content licensing library with us to access Magpie's creative assets.


Turnkey applications for immediate integration.

Our white label turnkey applications are built in response to industry demand for innovation. For a breakdown of our products book a consultation with the team. Industries of focus are detailed below.


If your query is related to an ongoing project please contact your project manager.For General Enquiries please contact info@magpiexr.com